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In June 2013 I was appointed as the first Social Media Editor of a Taylor and Francis academic research journal (Journal of Sports Sciences). Suffice to say there was no job description! That was both liberating and a leap in to the unknown. The first job was to start a Twitter account (@JSportsSci), which went live in July 2013. We now have over 25000 followers around the world. Over the three years we have generated more than 5 million ‘impressions‘, which is a substantial reach. Rather than reinvent the wheel in this post I thought I’d direct you to a presentation I gave last year at Oxford University on the role of the Social Media Editor, and also an interview I gave to the T&F Editor Resources website, on our ‘twinterviews’, which have proved to be very popular over the years. If you’re engaged in academic research as an author or an editor, I hope you get something out of these resources. If you have any questions about social media and research then get in touch at @grantabt.

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